Flexible on quantity

For production quantities we are as happy to produce single units as batches of many thousands. To keep prices down we can also accept orders for bulk quantities, with part deliveries scheduled to suit.

Obviously, the unit price for a batch of 1,000 is much less than the price of a one off but our prices for all quantities are competitive without compromising our assurance of quality.

The largest price differential on quantity derives from the circuit board itself. As with printing where the cost of ten letter headings is hardly different from 1,000, so the set-up costs are reflected in the unit price of circuit boards. Our answer is to offer you the advantage of bulk purchase but to store the circuit boards ready to be made into completed products as required, thus saving money and improving future lead times.

Manufactured in-house

As far as possible products are manufactured completely in-house which means that quality can be monitored throughout all processes. The only exception is high-density, surface mount PCBs produced by an associate company.

From hand soldering to flow-soldering

We apply our extensive experience to choose the most appropriate and economical method of soldering for each particular product depending on batch quantity and board size.

PCB, sub units or complete products

To meet the many and varied demands of our customers we are totally flexible about how much of a product we make. We can manufacture complete products, fully tested, packaged and ready to sell on. We can make circuit boards ready to be incorporated into other companies' equipment or sell our own products 'badged' to suit. We also produce sub-assemblies which either add on to or become part of another product.