Phase Rotation Detector

This microprocessor circuit monitors a three-phase supply and detects whether the phases are rotating in the correct sequence. This circuit is produced in several forms for different companies, examples of which are given below.
Use these as a guide to some of the possibilities or tell us of how you would like to use our circuit.

Machine Mounted, powered directly from the monitored 3 phase 230-440V Supply.

This version is permanently mounted on to sealed motor/pump assemblies used in the nuclear, chemical and petrochemical industries. As the assemblies are sealed there is no way of telling whether the shafts are rotating in the correct direction. Operation of the pump in the wrong direction can cause damage or hazard. It is important, therefore, that, after installation or maintenance, the connections can be seen to be correct at switch-on.

The circuit is mounted into a slim turned-aluminium housing with a clear dome on top. The circuit is fully encapsulated in heat-conducting compound. A high-brightness 10mm LED is visible through the dome. Indication of correct phasing is a steady illumination of the LED, reversed phases give a flashing output and missing phases result in no illumination at all.

Plug-in, powered from a single phase 110-230V Supply

This functions as a protection relay. It has a D.P.C.O. contact output from an internal relay which is energised under normal conditions. Under fault conditions i.e. missing or reversed phases the relay drops out. This is a fail-safe mode.

Hand Held, powered directly from the 3 phase 230-440V supply being monitored.

This type of model is an invaluable addition to the tool-box of Electrical/Maintenance Engineers. As the unit is powered from the supply being tested there are no batteries to run down at a critical moment.

The circuit is mounted into a slim plastic housing with three test leads and two indicator LEDs. Indication of correct phasing is a steady illumination of the green LED, reversed phases are indicated by a flashing red LED and missing phases result in no illumination at all.

Large Digit LED Clock/ Process Efficiency Monitor

The most visible part of this wall-mounted unit is the four 4" high, red, 7-segment displays. With the addition of one of our microprocessor control boards this functions as a Works clock driving external bells to indicate start/finish and break times.

We have also made a variation this unit to operate as an efficiency monitor. In this variation the target time for a repeated process is programmed in using push-switches and the main display. There is some form of feedback from the process or machine to indicate the completion of a cycle.

The unit displays, in turn, target time, actual time taken and a continually updated efficiency read-out in percent. Thus an operator or supevisor can see how a well a procedure is going and take remedial action where problems occur.

Hand-held Flow Monitor

This is designed to interface with most common flow-sensors, which we can supply on request, and gives a 4 digit LED read-out in litres/minute or other scaling if required. It can also be converted for use as a tachometer.

For intermittent use we can supply a battery operated version, but for extended or continuous use we can supply an external power supply of the 'plug-top' type.

In development is a version with an LCD read-out to lower the power requirement. This will be user programmable to accept any sensor and will be designated Universal Flow Monitor.

If you have any features that you would like to see on this new unit e-mail us now.

Security Products for Commercial Vehicles

Gorton Electronics make a number of security alarm products designed to interface with ultra-sonic detectors, key-switches, magnetic reeds, standard door contacts and sounders. All are microprocessor based, fully proven, low-power and rugged.

The standard programs can operate in manual or automatic mode. We can also re-write the programs to suit your particular needs or circumstances.

Wall and Bench-mounted Low-voltage Power Supplies for Educational use

We have been designing and supplying products for Education for over 20 years including computer interfaces, educational software and electrocardiographs. The mainstay of this section of the business has been power supplies. Our designs are either tailored to particular schools' requirements, in which case we make the full product. Or manufacturers of benching provide their own design housing (usually a type of trunking), into which we fit our custom designed power supply.

Usual requirements are 5V at 2A, Variable dual-rail supplies of up to 15V, 12V at 2A and 24V~ at 2A for soldering irons. Our designs are specially rugged to withstand abuse.

We also produce our own range of standard low voltage outlets on double-socket blanking plates with 4mm sockets for mounting in standard mains trunking. We produce plates for 5V, 12V and 1.5-15V variable although other requirements can be accommodated.

A new addition to this range in 1998 was the computer-controlled power supply system where up to 32 power supplies in a class-room can have their individual voltage set and continuously monitored by a low cost standard P.C. through the RS232 port. Full software is provided with the system.

Products for the Drinks/Refrigeration Industry

Carbonator Controllers
Ice-bank Controllers
Temperature Controllers
Fluorescent Light Drivers for use with 24V supplies
Portion Controllers

Gorton Electronics produce a vast range of standard and bespoke products for this and other industries.

E-mail your requirements to us and see how we can enhance your products