In addition to our standard range we produce timers and controllers designed to meet customers' specific requirements on function, size and price.

Circuit Update

Before 1999 most of the timers used C.M.O.S. integrated circuits for the time-base oscillator, logic and binary counting functions. Now that the cost of microprocessors has dropped to levels where it becomes cost effective to use them for basic timing functions, each of the ranges will be changed over the coming months.

To avoid confusion, the naming convention and types will not be altered. As changes are made the improved specification will be posted on the web-site.

The fact that timing functions will be in software means that many new and different modes of operation will be possible. So, whilst the catalogue presents common configurations, it is now possible for us to produce an even greater variety of functions than before. Try us!

Examples of custom variations stemming from the basic timer ranges:

  • Christmas light display controllers for shops and Local Authorities.
  • Drinks dispensers with end customers like McDonalds, Britvic, Coca Cola
  • Jacuzzi controllers.
  • Automatic Lubrication timers for commercial vehicles.
  • Low-cost 'pump-jog' timers for fitting to domestic and industrial boilers so that when dormant during hot weather the pump is activated for a few seconds every night to prevent seizure and sticking.
  • Waste dump monitors for the Nuclear Industry
  • Crematorium Furnace Controllers.
  • Bird Scarers - both gas-cannon and electronic types.

Timer Ordering Information

Generally, please order as TYPE, SUPPLY VOLTAGE DETAILS, TIME PERIOD(S), BASE (8/11 pin) and state which BASE WIRING is required. If you need any variation to the standard ranges contact us with your requirement and we will give you a quotation.